unicornsfartpixels is an online notebook cataloguing the always expanding web development landscape & creative side of code.

September 29, 2016

So it turns out...

…Unicorns fart pixels! That’s why the internet is such a magical place. A magical, exciting, challenging, confusing, sometimes scary, sometimes beautiful place that’s overrun with programming languages, libraries, frameworks, databases, servers, API’s, compilers, oh and let’s not forget precompilers & postcompilers too… Plus a whole slew of things I’m probably forgetting, or that I haven’t even encountered yet.

TBH, it boggles my mind when I think about all the bits and bobbles that comprise todays web, and how I - and every other web dev out there - am suppose to make sense of it all, bending webpages to my will project after project.

No pressure! There are just a million++ moving parts to account for… But it appears I’m not the only one feeling the pressure - a great conversation popped up on the YCombinator board just a few weeks ago: Is web programming just a series of hacks on hacks?

While I’d argue no, I understand why some would - which brings me back to the reason I’ve created this little online space. I am by no means an authority on web or programming. This little site is more of a personal project to chronicle the evolution (one would hope) of my code projects - an online notebook of sorts. I plan to post bits & bytes of code and thoughts about code as I sharpen my skills.

I’m a creative through and through, which often leads me down some very interesting paths as a dev. However, it also puts me at a disadvantage when it comes to certain pragmatisms that engineering types find implicit to so much of programming.

This fact alone made me very wary of starting a blog (imposter syndrome anyone?), until I came across this dated but nonetheless very on-point post about how important talking about what we do helps solidify ideas and concepts and might even push us to think about things in a different way. So here I am swallowing my pride, and diving in!